Air monitoring

Air sampling involves drawing a known flow rate of air through a filter for a measured time, so that airborne particles are collected. The filter is then prepared for microscopic examination.

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Air monitoring can:

  • Check effectiveness of control measures
  • Confirm that RPE in use is capable of providing the appropriate degree of protection
  • Support risk assessments
  • Certify clearance after asbestos has been removed
  • Ensure leaks do not occur when asbestos is being removed
  • Provide assurance that nobody has been placed at risk.

We can provide air testing and monitoring specifically tailored to your needs and in compliance with national and international standards.

As well as our permanent laboratory facilities, we operate equipped mobile laboratories for use on site. This enables us to provide a faster and more efficient service.

Both our air testing and fibre counting activities and our mobile laboratory facilities are covered by our UKAS testing accreditation and all our air monitoring staff are trained to comply with our accreditation.

Specific air monitoring services include:

  • Capturing air samples before, during and after works, e.g. Leak, Personal and Reassurance
  • Smoke tests, leak and resassurance testing
  • Reporting with full analysis
  • Full four stage clearance procedures with certificates of reoccupation

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