Asbestos Sampling and Laboratory Analysis

laboratory analyst tests for asbestos after asbestos sampling

Laboratory analyst tests for asbestos

Sometimes asbestos testing gets confused with asbestos surveying and asbestos sampling. If you think you may need an asbestos survey please click here to find out which type of survey you need or to get a quote for an asbestos survey or asbestos removal click here.

Testing samples for asbestos: what’s the process?

As part of a comprehensive survey numerous samples will be taken. Our staff are fully trained to safely take bulk samples from suspected asbestos containing materials with a minimum amount of disruption.

The samples are then tested in our own UKAS accredited asbestos fibre identification lab located on our premises. Our own lab lets us provide an end-to-end service for our clients with a faster and more reliable turn around of results.

However, if required, our staff can visit site to take one or more pre-determined bulk samples if the client needs a specific item(s) testing rather than a full survey.

If organisations have personnel competent to take bulk samples, then these can also be sent to our laboratory for identification and analysis.

Download our Bulk Sample ID form here.  Just complete the form and send it with your samples.

Your personnel may need UKATA Asbestos Awareness training – CLICK HERE to find out more.

Our services in this area include:

  • Determining appropriate sampling techniques
  • Capturing samples
  • Reporting with full analysis

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