“Asbestos is the single greatest cause of work-related deaths in the UK ” 

Health and Safety Executive.

Asbestos is a naturally occurring material that has been a popular building material since the 1950’s. It was used an insulator as it has good fire protection properties and protects corrosion. Asbestos was often mixed with other materials so its hard to know if it is present or not. Buildings built before the year of 2000 are more than likely to contain asbestos. It can be found in many building products such as ceiling tiles, pipe insulation, spray coatings and boilers.

Asbestos Management

Pennington Choices provide a full range of asbestos management services which, once implemented into your business, provides a step by step route to achieve 100% legislative compliance. The initial step is for us to undertake a Compliance Audit, which involves a review of your existing documents, records, systems, policies and procedures relating to asbestos and health and safety generally. This involves a combination of desktop study and site visits and interviews with your staff. We would then produce and report to identify satisfactory areas and to highlight any gaps. Recommendations would be provided at this stage of areas needing attention in order to achieve full compliance.

In conjunction with the above, or as stand-alone services, we also offer the following services:

  • Preparation of Asbestos Register
  • Preparation of Asbestos Policy
  • Preparation of Action Plan / Management Plan
  • Completion of Training needs analysis

 We can help

AsbestosSheetsWe recognise the vital role that effective and timely support plays in successfully managing asbestos risks. Whether its’ delivery of a programme of surveys, establishing a new asbestos asset register or providing strategic advice on managing identified asbestos containing materials, we can help. Our service works. We’re easy to work with, were flexible and responsive. Our clients include the largest metropolitan local authorities, London borough’s, large, national, traditional housing associations, through to corporate buildings, commercial organisations, manufacturing sites and the NHS.